Income from Disney, Uber, and Warner Bros.

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Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest and most insightful information about all things money. Today, we’re diving into Jim Cramer’s expert guidance on the upcoming earnings-packed schedule on Wall Street.

According to CNBC’s Jim Cramer, investors should keep an eye on reports from companies like Uber, Disney, and Warner Bros. Discovery. With April’s weaker-than-expected labor report, investors can breathe a sigh of relief about the Federal Reserve’s next move. This means it’s time to get back into stock-picking mode, at least for a few days.

On Saturday, Cramer highlighted the importance of following Warren Buffett’s annual meeting, which could have a positive impact on Berkshire Hathaway and its portfolio stocks like American Express, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Occidental Petroleum. Monday brings earnings from Simon Property Group and Tyson Foods, with the latter potentially being a strong “bounce-back play.”

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Disney is set to report on Tuesday, and Cramer expects positive results following cost cuts and strategic initiatives to win recent battles. Wynn Resorts and Reddit are also releasing earnings that day, with solid performances expected.

Wednesday will see Uber’s report, where Cramer is curious about the impact of competition from Lyft. Companies like Toyota, Arm, Robinhood, Trade Desk, AMC Entertainment, and Airbnb are also reporting earnings, with a focus on Robinhood due to the continued popularity of cryptocurrency.

Roblox’s report on Thursday is expected to be positive, while Warner Bros. Discovery’s report raises questions about debt reduction and NBA contracts. Earnings from Akamai Technologies and Tapestry are also on the radar, with the latter addressing the FTC’s suit to stop a merger with Capri.

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Finally, on Friday, Cramer will be watching Enbridge’s earnings closely. While some investors doubt the company’s ability to pay dividends, Cramer believes the dividend is secure but needs to see more growth to justify investing in the stock.

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