Gold breaks record once more amidst concerns about rising US inflation

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we provide the latest and most valuable information on all things finance. Today, we are diving into the record-breaking run of gold prices and the factors driving this surge.

Gold prices have been on a steady climb, hitting new record highs as concerns of rising inflation push investors towards this precious metal as a safe haven. Despite doubts over an imminent U.S. interest rate cut and rising Treasury yields, spot gold reached $2,286.24 per ounce, with a peak of $2,288.09 earlier in the session. U.S. gold futures also saw a gain of 1.1%, reaching $2,306.60.

What’s fueling this increase in gold prices? City Index senior analyst Matt Simpson believes that ongoing geopolitical tensions, such as Ukraine’s attacks on Russia’s oil infrastructure, are driving safe-haven flows into gold. This sentiment is supported by Federal Reserve policymakers considering multiple rate cuts this year, despite recent economic data showing signs of strength.

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With inflation on the horizon due to rising raw materials prices, investors are turning to gold as a hedge. Gold has traditionally been viewed as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven during times of uncertainty, leading to its 10.8% increase so far this year.

While gold steals the spotlight, other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium are also seeing gains. Spot silver rose 1.2% to $26.41 per ounce, platinum gained 0.8% to $925.72, and palladium edged up 0.6% to $1.009.45. However, the soaring price of gold does not seem to be driving renewed interest in platinum jewelry in Asia.

As the momentum in the gold market continues, analysts like Marex’s Edward Meir point to inflation as a key driver, with speculators, hedge funds, and commodity funds contributing to the buying spree.

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