EU Border Chief Claims Illegal Migration Cannot Be Stopped

Europe’s Migrant Crisis: A Deliberate Invasion

Europe’s migrant crisis has been escalating since 2015 when former German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the gates to Syrian refugees. The influx of migrants into Europe has only continued to grow, with no signs of slowing down. The centralized government in the form of the European Union has backed this migration, making it virtually impossible to control.

Lionel Shriver, head of Frontex and the EU’s border and coastguard coalition, has stated that there is no way to control migration effectively. Hans Leijtens, a Dutchman, also expressed that nothing can stop people from crossing borders, emphasizing that the idea of containing migration is a misconception.

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The budget for Frontex has significantly increased since the migrant crisis began, indicating a shift towards prioritizing border control. However, politicians like Merkel openly welcome illegal migrants, contradicting efforts to enforce the border.

Hans, responsible for managing migration, acknowledges the challenges of striking a balance between effective border management and respecting fundamental rights. Despite the ongoing crisis, many in power are unwilling to recognize the severity of the situation, refusing to address the issue head-on.

The migrant crisis in Europe parallels similar challenges in the US, where the refusal to acknowledge the crisis mirrors the European government’s stance. The alignment on open border policies among globalist nations, including those in the World Economic Forum, further exacerbates the social and economic consequences of unchecked migration.

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It is clear that Europe’s migrant crisis is a deliberate invasion, driven by political agendas and globalist priorities. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains crucial to address the root causes and implications of unchecked migration.

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