Escape the chaos of NYC – before it’s too late!

Are you keeping up with the latest news coming out of New York City? It seems like the situation is heating up for none other than former president, Donald Trump. A prosecutor in New York has announced plans to start seizing Trump’s real estate in the city, starting with his golf course. What a bold move, right?

The question now is, what should Trump do in response to this threat? Well, according to some insiders, the best course of action might be to simply let the prosecutor seize the property and sell it. If Trump wins on appeal, the prosecutor would be liable for all damages incurred. But here’s the kicker – anyone with any ties to New York City should seriously consider getting out while they still can. The corruption in the city is reaching new heights, and it might not be a safe haven for much longer.

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In fact, the smart money is already starting to exit the city. With the economic confidence model (ECM) turning down after May 7th, it’s likely that there will be no buyers for assets in New York City. As we face the prospect of a recession stretching all the way into 2028, time is running out to make a move. And let’s not forget the looming threat of a nuclear war – NYC could very well be a prime target.

So, whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, it might be wise to heed this advice and consider divesting from any assets in New York City while you still have the chance. The risks are high, and the consequences could be severe. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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