Dan Ives of Wedbush says Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries were a disaster

**Understanding Tesla’s First Quarter Deliveries**

Tesla, the electric vehicle giant led by CEO Elon Musk, recently reported a concerning 8.5% drop in deliveries for the first quarter of the year. This significant miss has even raised alarms among some of the stock’s most loyal supporters.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, who has been a longtime optimist about Tesla, had some harsh words about the disappointing results. He described the first quarter as an “unmitigated disaster” and emphasized the need for Musk to turn things around to avoid potential disruptions to the company’s long-term narrative.

While several factors such as shipping disruptions and an arson attack at Tesla’s Berlin factory were cited as contributing to the decrease in deliveries, there are also broader concerns about Tesla’s aging product lineup and increasing competition from companies like Chinese rival BYD.

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In addition, Musk’s involvement in other ventures and a legal battle over his compensation have added to the stress for some investors. With ongoing chatter about Musk’s AI projects outside of Tesla, board issues, and the potential move to incorporate in Texas, patience among investors is wearing thin.

Despite these challenges, Wedbush still maintains an outperform rating on Tesla and remains optimistic about the company’s long-term self-driving goals. However, Ives emphasized that this quarter will be a critical period in Tesla’s history, with Musk facing a pivotal moment to navigate the company through this turbulent period.

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