Cramer argues that Big Tech antitrust lawsuits from Washington lack credibility

Antitrust Lawsuits Against Big Tech: Are They Justified?

Recently, CNBC’s Jim Cramer expressed his skepticism towards the government’s antitrust lawsuits against prominent Big Tech companies like Apple, Alphabet (Google), and Amazon. Cramer believes that these lawsuits are not justified and that the government’s real intention is to reduce the power of these tech giants.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has accused Amazon of abusing its “monopoly power” to stifle competition, while the Department of Justice (DOJ) has targeted Google for allegedly controlling the digital advertising market. Additionally, the DOJ claims that Apple maintains a “smartphone monopoly” that limits consumer choice and innovation.

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Cramer argues that it is not illegal for companies to outperform their competitors and questions the government’s motive behind these antitrust lawsuits. He suggests that instead of targeting these companies under existing laws, the government should consider passing new legislation to address concerns about their size and influence.

In response to the lawsuits, Cramer points out the potential consequences if Amazon, Google, and Apple were to be significantly impacted. Consumers could face higher prices, limited choices, and less innovation in the tech industry.

While the FTC and DOJ have not commented on Cramer’s remarks, the debate over the power of Big Tech continues to be a hot topic. As investors and consumers, it’s essential to stay informed about these developments and their potential impact on the market.

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Overall, the debate over antitrust laws and Big Tech companies is far from over, and it will be interesting to see how these issues unfold in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis from Jim Cramer and CNBC.

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