Competitors falling behind as Ford Mustang embraces V8 engines

The Ford Mustang: A Last Stand for the V8 Muscle Car

In a changing automotive landscape where two-door cars are becoming less popular and electric vehicles are on the rise, the Ford Mustang stands as a beacon of tradition. As the last American muscle car with a traditional V8 engine, the Mustang is attracting a loyal following of gearheads who appreciate its performance and heritage.

With the recent discontinuation of its American competitors like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger V8, Ford sees an opportunity to grow its Mustang sales. Jeff Marentic, general manager of Ford Blue products, believes that the Mustang remains a strong business for the company both domestically and internationally.

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The optimism around the Mustang is evident in Ford’s recent moves to introduce new V8 models like the Dark Horse and the upcoming Mustang GTD. These vehicles boast powerful engines that cater to enthusiasts who crave high performance.

Despite the shift towards greener technologies, Ford remains committed to its V8 engines, which continue to be popular in markets like Europe. The company has also invested in making its vehicles more efficient, making the Mustang a versatile option for consumers.

Internationally, the Mustang has seen success in markets like Canada, Australia, and Europe, with over 235,000 units registered since 2015. The iconic pony car continues to resonate with customers worldwide, showcasing the enduring appeal of the Mustang brand.

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Looking ahead, Ford’s plans for the Mustang remain unclear, with speculation about a potential hybrid or all-electric version of the iconic vehicle. But for now, the Mustang stands tall as the last American muscle car with a traditional V8 engine, appealing to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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