Bitfinex Securities introduces El Salvador’s inaugural tokenized debt offering for the Hilton Hotel development project

Bitfinex Securities Launches Tokenized Asset Raise for Hilton Hotel in El Salvador

Extreme Investor Network is excited to announce that Bitfinex Securities, the first licensed digital asset provider in El Salvador, is leading the way with the nation’s inaugural tokenized asset raise. This groundbreaking initiative will utilize the Bitcoin layer 2 Liquid Network to fund the construction of a new Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador International Airport.

What is the Liquid Network’s Tokenized Debt Offering?

Bitfinex Securities will be launching the tokenized debt offering, known as HILSV, on the Liquid Network. This sidechain of Bitcoin enables faster and more scalable transactions, allowing investors to participate in the fundraising for the hotel project. HILSV will be traded in relation to the US dollar and tether (USDT), providing a unique opportunity for investors to get involved.

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The Hilton Hotel Complex at El Salvador International Airport

The funds raised through the tokenized debt issuance will go towards the construction of a Hampton by Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador International Airport. This project will include restaurants, shops, a swimming pool, and 80 rooms spread across 4,484 square meters on five stories. While Hilton Hotels is involved as a franchisor, they are not responsible for the final product.

Benefits for El Salvador’s Capital Market Development

This initiative represents a significant milestone in the growth of El Salvador’s capital market. By leveraging tokenization and blockchain technology, Bitfinex Securities and Inversiones Laguardia are introducing a new asset class to the market. This innovative approach not only provides issuers in underserved areas with access to capital but also opens up investment opportunities for a wider range of investors.

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Job Creation and Economic Opportunities

The construction of the Hilton hotel complex is expected to bring about substantial economic opportunities in El Salvador. Once operational, the hotel complex could create up to 5,000 direct and indirect jobs, with an additional 1,000 jobs expected during the construction phase. This growth in the tourism sector will contribute to the overall strengthening of the Salvadoran economy.

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