Binance CEO Richard Teng Criticizes Nigerian Government for Arresting Employees

Have you heard the latest news involving Binance CEO Richard Teng and the Nigerian authorities? It seems that tensions have been on the rise, with demands for payment and allegations being thrown around. At Extreme Investor Network, we have the inside scoop on what’s been happening in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

According to Teng, the Binance team felt “increasingly concerned” following a demand for payment from Nigerian authorities. In a bold move, they decided to leave Nigeria immediately, refusing to make the payment through their counsel. Teng made it clear that they did not view the demand as a legitimate settlement offer and chose to stand their ground.

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Despite multiple requests, Binance has not been provided with details of the allegations made against them by Nigerian authorities. Teng emphasized that if Nigerian authorities want to move forward with the matter, Binance representative Tigran must be allowed to return home. This situation has put a halt to all naira and peer-to-peer services on Binance in Nigeria.

The plot thickens with the arrest of British-Kenyan Nadeem Anjarwalla alongside Teng in Nigeria back in February. Anjarwalla allegedly fled the country in March, using a concealed Kenyan passport. Reports suggest that Nigerian security forces were able to track him down in Kenya and arrest him at the request of the Nigerian Bureau of Interpol. Teng, on the other hand, remains in custody and is awaiting a trial scheduled for May 17.

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