Bill Gates Selling Yachts Amid Drop in Billionaire Ranking for First Time in 34 Years

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In recent news, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp. and renowned philanthropist, Bill Gates, has been making headlines for reportedly selling a pair of yachts after dropping to his lowest rank on the billionaire list in 34 years. Despite having a net worth of nearly $128 billion, Gates has slipped to No. 9 on the Forbes Billionaire Index, marking his lowest ranking since 1990.

Gates made waves in 2021 when he purchased his first superyacht, the Wayfinder, for about $25 million. This 224-foot catamaran was designed as a shadow vessel, typically accompanying a larger mothership. The mothership, known as Project 821, is currently under construction at Feadship and is slated for delivery in 2024. With a whopping price tag of 600 million euros ($642 million), Project 821 will be one of the largest and most luxurious yachts Feadship has ever built.

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Recent leaks have revealed that both the Wayfinder and Project 821 are now listed for sale, sparking speculation about Gates’s motivations for selling these extravagant vessels. Some suggest that the high maintenance and operational costs are impractical, while others believe that Gates is intensifying his commitment to environmental causes. As a known advocate for sustainability, Gates has previously expressed concerns about his carbon footprint and is actively working to reduce his environmental impact.

By selling his yachts, Gates may be setting an example of reducing luxury consumption to align with his public advocacy for sustainability. This move reinforces his credibility as a climate activist amidst growing global concern over climate change. It also aligns with his long-standing goal of donating most of his wealth to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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