Auto analysts select the EV companies best-equipped to thrive in China’s competitive market

Are you interested in investing in the Chinese car market but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck because at Extreme Investor Network, we have the inside scoop on potential winners emerging from the recent auto show in Beijing.

The competition at this year’s auto show was fierce, with analysts pinpointing key players that are poised for success. JPMorgan analysts highlighted the overwhelming number of visitors, including overseas dealers and importers, showing interest in Chinese brands. They predict that overseas markets could contribute significantly to leading producer BYD’s car profits this year.

Tesla, on the other hand, faced challenges in China but made a comeback with CEO Elon Musk’s surprise visit and progress on getting driver-assist software approved for use. Despite the market being oversaturated with about 170 brands, JPMorgan analysts see opportunities for growth in the transition from internal combustion engines to battery electric vehicles.

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The Beijing auto show opened to the public after two days, with car companies pulling out all the stops to attract consumers. From high-tech experiences to live performances, brands like Porsche and Zeekr showcased innovative ways to engage with potential customers.

Amidst the excitement, autonomous driving supplier Asensing joined the show to learn about industry trends and promote its own sensors and chips for a global expansion. With more than 110 new car models debuting, top brands used the auto show as a platform to showcase their latest products and vocal management.

Chinese automakers like Xiaomi, BYD, Nio, and Leapmotor stole the spotlight with their impressive displays and strong delivery numbers. Companies like Xiaomi, with its new SU7 electric sedan, and Nio, which saw a surge in shares, are leading the way in the Chinese market.

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As China pushes for trade-ins to encourage new energy vehicles, analysts predict a boost in passenger vehicle sales. Jefferies’ top picks include Leapmotor, Geely, and BYD, while JPMorgan also recommends BYD and Leapmotor as potential beneficiaries of government stimulus. Foreign companies like Volkswagen and Tesla are also in the mix, but analysts see Chinese automakers as the ones to watch.

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