An App Assisting Traders in Copying Congressional Stock Portfolios Draws $55 Million in Investments

Trading and Mimicking Congressional Investments: A Controversial Trend

Despite wide public support against the practice, members of Congress are actively investing in the stock market. Recent reports show that people have invested at least $55 million in two years by mimicking the portfolios of these legislators. For example, Nancy Pelosi’s reported trades increased in value by 45% in 2023, while Dan Crenshaw’s saw a 41% increase.

An app called Autopilot, launched in January 2023, allows its users to trade like members of Congress and leading investors. The app pulls trading data filed by legislators and allows users to copy their trades. Since the passage of the STOCK Act in 2012, members of Congress are required to report their investments within 45 days or face financial penalties.

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Autopilot also allows users to mimic investments made by prominent hedge fund managers like Michael Burry. Chris Josephs, a cofounder of the platform, reported that the app has surpassed $100 million in total investments, with more than $55 million copied from congressionally filed trades.

While the app doesn’t allow users to mimic every member of Congress, it provides four legislators to copy, including Pelosi and Crenshaw. The portfolios of these two lawmakers are the most popular to mirror. Statistics show that Pelosi’s reported trades increased by 45% in value in 2023, while Crenshaw’s increased by 41%.

The increasing popularity of apps like Autopilot has reignited the debate over congressional stock trading. Despite efforts by some legislators to ban the practice, the issue remains unresolved. The app’s cofounders hope it will encourage Congress to take action and ban themselves from trading.

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As the controversy continues, Autopilot remains a contentious but successful tool for users looking to mimic the investments of legislators and prominent investors. The app’s milestone of $100 million in total investments highlights the growing interest in this unique approach to trading and investment.

The fight against congressional stock trading is ongoing, with advocates like Autopilot’s cofounders pushing for change. While the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the intersection of politics and investment will continue to be a hot topic for years to come.

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