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The Hottest Artificial Intelligence Event of the Year: What to Expect from Nvidia’s GTC Conference

The annual Nvidia GTC Conference, often referred to as “AI Woodstock” by Bank of America, is set to kick off on Monday in San Jose, California. This event brings together key players in the artificial intelligence field to showcase the latest innovations and future visions in AI technology.

According to Cantor Fitzgerald analyst C.J. Muse, the conference is expected to reveal Nvidia’s clear product roadmap through 2024, including new AI chip innovations like the B100 and insights into future AI opportunities. As excitement around AI continues to grow, Nvidia’s stock has surged over 77% this year following a 239% increase in 2023.

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Many Wall Street analysts are turning bullish on Nvidia ahead of the conference, with some raising their price targets for the stock. Bank of America analyst Vivek Arya raised the firm’s target to $1,100, citing Nvidia’s compelling valuation and growth potential in the AI market.

One of the most anticipated announcements at the conference is Nvidia’s next-generation B100 graphics processing unit, which is expected to offer significant performance improvements over its predecessor. Additionally, details on Nvidia’s gaming chip featuring Arm central processing units, updates to its networking platforms, and insights into future GPU and AI products beyond 2025 are also expected to be announced.

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Wall Street analysts are also monitoring other stocks that could benefit from the conference, such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Broadcom, which have already seen significant gains from the growing AI market. AMD, in particular, has been highlighted as one of the best stocks to benefit from AI adoption.

Overall, the Nvidia GTC Conference is expected to provide valuable insights into the future of AI technology and its impact on the stock market. Stay tuned for more updates on the conference and the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

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