Argentina Raises Interest Rate to 69.5%

Argentina 100 Pesos

Argentina is out of options. I reported on the ongoing widespread protests occurring across the country. The majority of the nation is unemployed, and the currency is basically worthless. The people can no longer rely on the socialistic promises as the government is unable to fund its programs. Basic necessities are no longer available, and the people … Read more

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day

Happy Early Independence Day (Fourth of July). May we take this time to reflect on the things that are important to us. Enjoy this weekend and be safe out there! Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the … Read more

Pandemic-era checks rewired how these Americans see money: ‘Stimulus changed how I think about what’s possible’

US Dollar dominates as inflation heats up scaled

Key Points: Pandemic-era stimulus checks helped many Americans pay bills, reduce debt and build savings. For some, the payments altered how they think about money. “The stimulus changed how I think about what’s possible, personal spending habits, and the way in which I manage my money,” said Denise Diaz, a recipient who lives outside Orlando, … Read more

A surprising benefit to owning gold– especially now

Gold Prices

By the year 41 BC, just a few years after the assassination of Julius Caesar, Rome was under the strict rule of a three-person dictatorship known as the Tresviri rei publicae constituendae. Historians today refer to this committee as the Triumvirate, and it included a general named Aemilius Lepidus, as well as Gaius Octavius– who … Read more

Wall Street’s Most Accurate Analyst: “Today’s Bear Market Ends In October With The S&P At 3,000”

Two weeks ago, just when everyone thought that he couldn’t turn any more bearish, BofA’s chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett, Wall Street’s biggest bear who is by implication has also emerged as the most accurate sellside analyst (the average S&P price target of his peers is still around 4,700), stunned everyone when he told readers that … Read more

The Reedy Creek Improvement District

Reedy Creek Improvement District

Are you familiar with the Reedy Creek Improvement District? Perhaps you have heard of Disney. A 1967 piece of legislation permitted Disney to operate independently from the government. That’s right – Congress awarded Disney with special privileges to operate above the law:  “The district encompasses approximately 25,000 acres in both Orange and Osceola counties, servicing 19 … Read more

Toilet paper shortage returns – With a twist

Toilet Paper Shortage Is Back

It’s back. As CNN has just confirmed… “Costco is limiting how much toilet paper you can buy again.” The nationwide chain, the fifth-largest retailer in the world, also announced limits on “water and key items.” As you’ll soon learn, the buying limits we’re now seeing across the country are just the beginning of something much bigger, … Read more

Opinion: The ‘wisdom of crowds’ can cost you dearly when the stock market is in turmoil

Herding In Financial Markets

Herding in financial markets nearly always hurts long-term investment results It’s easy to become anxious as an investor.  It’s particularly easy to become anxious when war is erupting in Europe, stock markets are gyrating, inflation is spiking, and the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to snuff out that inflation.  So what do many investors … Read more