Why Biden Was Allowed to Debate Trump

Are you worried about the future of our nation after watching the first presidential debate of the year? It was a truly humiliating moment, with Joe Biden struggling to speak coherently and mumble through most of his answers. But fear not, as there may be a candidate swap on the horizon.

Here at Extreme Investor Network, we pride ourselves on providing unique insights into the world of economics and politics. While other sites may focus on the surface-level drama of the debate, we dig deeper to uncover the true implications for our economy and financial markets.

It’s clear that Biden’s physical and mental state is a cause for concern, and the Democrats may be looking to swap him out for a more viable candidate. Could Hillary Clinton be making a comeback to face off against Donald Trump once again? The establishment may be looking for a familiar face to challenge Trump in the upcoming election.

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But the real question is, will the election be fair? Both sides seem hesitant to accept the results, and there are concerns about potential interference. Here at Extreme Investor Network, we analyze the economic impact of these uncertainties and provide our readers with valuable insights to help navigate these turbulent times.

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