Weekly Unemployment Claims Decline; June Manufacturing Outlook Shows Varied Results

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Mixed Current Indicators

According to recent data, the general activity index has fallen to 1.3, its lowest level since January. While 24% of firms reported increased activity, 23% saw declines. Additionally, the new orders index saw a slight improvement but remained negative at -2.2. With the shipments index dropping to -7.2 and employment still weak, there are concerns about a continued decline in the market.

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Rising Prices

Price pressures are on the rise, as indicated by the prices paid index climbing to 22.5 and the prices received index reaching 13.7. Nearly 26% of firms reported higher input prices, while 14% noted higher prices for their goods.

Production and Capacity Utilization

Despite half of the firms reporting increased production for Q2 compared to Q1, capacity utilization remains stable at 70-80%. While labor supply constraints have slightly eased, there are growing concerns in the energy market.

Future Expectations

Looking ahead, future activity indicators show less optimism. The future general activity index has fallen to 13.8, and future new orders and shipments indexes have also declined significantly. Firms are expecting modest employment growth and anticipate rising price pressures over the next six months.

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Market Forecast

Based on the data, the market outlook appears mixed. While a decrease in unemployment claims suggests a strengthening labor market, challenges in manufacturing and rising price pressures indicate a need for caution. As a result, the market forecast remains bearish in the short term.

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