Web3 Artist Push Explores NFTs, Culture SZN, and the Impact of Love

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Web3 Artist Push Discusses NFTs, Culture SZN, and the Power of Love

Push’s Artistic Journey

Push, a digital artist, has made significant waves in the NFT space with over 650K mints for his work. His dedication to creating one render every 24 hours since 2021 has shaped his creativity and portfolio, making him a standout figure in the industry.

The NFT Revolution

During the pandemic, Push saw NFTs as a way for digital art to gain recognition akin to physical art. This realization sparked his journey into the NFT space, transforming his approach to art and opening up new opportunities for him.

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Daily Render Challenge

Push’s commitment to creating one render every day in 2021 was challenging yet rewarding. His persistence through good and bad days has become a core part of his identity as an artist, pushing him to new heights.

Embracing Layer 2 Blockchains

Push has embraced Layer 2 (L2) blockchains, particularly Linea, after discovering it through friends. He notes the differences in art sales between mainnet and L2s, highlighting the unique opportunities and challenges each presents for artists.

Impact of Culture SZN

Push’s participation in Culture SZN has been significant, with his work receiving over 500K mints. His emphasis on delivering messages of love and tenacity through his art showcases the power of NFTs in conveying meaningful concepts beyond just artwork.

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Community Reception

The reception to Push’s work has been overwhelmingly positive, with Culture SZN acting as a catalyst for empowering creators and communities. The love and recognition he has received underscore the impact he aims to make through his art.

The Butterfly Effect

Push believes in the butterfly effect of spreading love and views blockchain as a tool for empowering individuals. His vision of love’s transformative power shines through his work, inspiring others to embrace positivity and growth.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Push plans to continue creating as long as his creative spark remains. With future drops and collections in mind, he invites followers to stay tuned for more exciting updates from him.

Identity of Push

Push sees himself not just as a person but as an idea and a bridge to a better future. His inclusive and collective growth-focused mindset resonates in his work, inviting others to embody the spirit of Push in their own pursuits.

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