Warner Bros. Discovery and ESPN Reach Agreement for College Football Playoff Coverage

Are you a fan of college football? If so, you’ll be excited to hear about the recent developments in sports broadcasting. Warner Bros. Discovery has signed a five-year sublicensing deal with Disney’s ESPN to broadcast first-round and quarterfinal College Football Playoff games. This exciting partnership will bring even more coverage and entertainment to sports fans across the country.

Under this agreement, Warner Bros. Discovery’s TNT will carry two first-round games this year and next year, with two additional quarterfinals games set to be added in 2026. Disney will retain exclusivity on the championship game throughout the contract, which runs until 2031. The deal also includes a provision for Disney to sublicense a semifinals game to Warner Bros. Discovery in the future.

The new 12-team College Football Playoff format is set to debut in December, offering a more extensive and competitive lineup than the previous four-team tournament. With the top four teams receiving byes and teams seeded No. 5 through No. 12 playing first-round games at the higher-ranked team’s home stadium, fans can expect even more thrilling matchups and intense competition.

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ESPN will produce the games, featuring TNT branding, and use primarily ESPN talent for the broadcasts. Warner Bros. Discovery will pay ESPN a substantial sum each year for the rights to broadcast these games, solidifying its commitment to providing top-notch sports coverage to viewers. This exciting development adds to the already impressive lineup of sports programming available to fans.

In addition to its focus on college football, Warner Bros. Discovery is also in negotiations with the National Basketball Association for a package of live games. While TNT has been a long-standing partner to the NBA, the network faces the possibility of losing the games to competitors if an agreement cannot be reached.

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Despite these negotiations, Warner Bros. Discovery remains dedicated to offering a diverse range of live sports entertainment to its viewers. With coverage of the College Football Playoff, the NBA, NCAA basketball, soccer, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League, the network aims to provide comprehensive sports programming that appeals to a wide audience.

This recent partnership between Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney’s ESPN not only enhances the sports broadcasting landscape but also lays the groundwork for future collaborations and innovations in the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments in sports broadcasting as Warner Bros. Discovery continues to elevate the viewing experience for sports fans everywhere.

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