Wall Street’s Top Analyst Recommendations for Thursday Include Broadcom

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Morgan Stanley has reiterated Eli Lilly as overweight, with a raised price target of $1,083 per share. This pharmaceutical company is poised for strong revenue growth, outperforming consensus estimates.

Rosenblatt is bullish on Ribbon, initiating it as a buy with a $5 price target. This telecom company is well-positioned for growth in the current market.

Bank of America sees a bright future for Apple, reiterating it as a buy with a price target of $256. The tech giant is expected to benefit from a strong iPhone upgrade cycle driven by GenAI features.

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JPMorgan maintains Amazon as a top pick, following the AWS Summit. The e-commerce giant’s focus on Generative AI and full-stack capabilities make it a standout in the industry.

Goldman Sachs initiates Nvidia as a buy, citing its potential in autonomous technology. Improved AI technology is expected to drive performance in the industry.

When it comes to real estate investment trusts, Mizuho initiates Equinix and Digital Realty as buys. These companies are poised to benefit from consistent revenue growth and AI advancements.

Truist upgrades Republic Services to buy, highlighting the attractiveness of the waste company’s shares. The increased price target reflects positive momentum in the industry.

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For those interested in semiconductor stocks, Wells Fargo reiterates Advanced Micro Devices as overweight. The company’s recent acquisition and focus on AI technology position it for future success.

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