Viking Global makes significant changes to its Big Tech investments in the first quarter

At Extreme Investor Network, we pride ourselves on providing expert insights and analysis on the latest investment trends and strategies. Today, we are diving into the recent moves made by Ole Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global in the first quarter of 2024.

Halvorsen made some significant shifts within the megacap technology sector during this period. One notable move was the complete liquidation of Viking Global’s position in Alphabet, totaling nearly 3.3 million shares valued at over $450 million. Additionally, Halvorsen reduced the firm’s stake in Meta Platforms by about 75%, bringing the total value down to around $355 million.

Despite these exits, Viking Global reallocated its capital within the Big Tech space by establishing new positions in Apple and Microsoft. The firm acquired over 3.8 million shares in Apple, worth $660 million, and nearly 1.6 million shares in Microsoft, valued at over $670 million. Furthermore, Viking Global increased its holding in Amazon by 40%, making it the third-largest position in the firm’s portfolio.

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Alongside these tech investments, Viking Global also diversified its portfolio by initiating positions in Clorox, Dollar Tree, Skechers, and Las Vegas Sands. Halvorsen notably doubled his stake in U.S. Bancorp, making it the firm’s sixth-largest position. Conversely, Viking Global exited positions in Stryker, MetLife, and Deere.

These strategic moves by Halvorsen reflect a thoughtful approach to portfolio management in a volatile market environment. As an investor, it is crucial to stay informed about industry trends and the actions of top fund managers like Halvorsen to make informed decisions about your own investment portfolio.

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