Top U.S.-focused stocks poised for strong performance

Are you looking for potential stock picks that could see strong gains ahead in the U.S. market? Look no further!

It’s no secret that the first half of 2024 has been a winning one for investors, with all three major indexes showing positive returns. The S&P 500 gained 15%, the Nasdaq Composite jumped 18%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 3.8%. Traders are optimistic about the artificial intelligence boom, led by companies like Nvidia, which has helped push the market to all-time highs.

As traders continue to assess inflation pressures and economic indicators, there is hope for a soft landing for the U.S. economy. This scenario involves low unemployment rates, decreasing price pressures, and a cooling off period without a recession.

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At Extreme Investor Network, we have screened FactSet data for stocks that are heavily exposed to the U.S. market and have strong upside potential. Our criteria include stocks with at least 60% revenue exposure to the U.S., buy ratings from at least 60% of analysts, and average analyst price targets indicating at least 25% upside.

One stock that made our list is MGM Resorts. Despite a small dip in share price, the casino operator is benefiting from strong travel trends to Las Vegas. Analysts at BTIG recently initiated coverage with a positive outlook, citing potential growth from Vegas and China.

Delta Airlines is another stock to watch, as the most profitable U.S. airline with a luxury reputation. With strong consumer demand and expanding offerings, Delta has seen its stock price rise more than 16% this year.

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Other stocks on our list include Axon Enterprise, maker of Taser stun guns and police body cameras, and ConocoPhillips.

Stay ahead of the curve with Extreme Investor Network and keep an eye on these potential winners in the U.S. market!

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