Today’s Bitcoin (BTC) News: The Market is Watching the SEC, ETF Trends, and US Inflation

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Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the approval of a US ETH-spot ETF. While some experts remain pessimistic about its approval, others like Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett have discovered planned meetings between ETH-spot ETF issuers and SEC staff, giving investors hope for a potential breakthrough.

In addition to these meetings, the Consensys lawsuit against the SEC is also a crucial factor to consider. If Consensys wins the lawsuit, it could open the doors for a US ETH-spot ETF market to emerge.

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It’s worth noting the insightful comments made by SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce earlier this year. After the approval of a spot BTC ETF, Commissioner Peirce emphasized the importance of getting things right before facing criticism from the US courts. This followed a Grayscale win on appeal that led to the US BTC-spot ETF market.

Turning our attention to technical analysis, Bitcoin has been sitting below the 50-day EMA but maintaining its position above the 200-day EMA. This suggests a bearish near-term outlook but a bullish longer-term perspective for Bitcoin’s price trends.

A potential breakout above the $64,000 resistance level could propel Bitcoin towards $69,000 and eventually its all-time high of $73,808. On the other hand, a dip below the $60,365 support level could indicate further downside towards the $58,000 mark.

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With a 44.77 14-Daily RSI reading, Bitcoin may experience some volatility in the near future, potentially reaching oversold territory below $58,000. Keep an eye on US economic indicators and BTC-spot ETF flow trends to stay ahead in the cryptocurrency market.

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