Timing is everything. Bonds are blasted. Inflation will be tamed.

  • Levels to watch: S&P 4400, QQQ 350, CORN 26.50, AMD 100, XME 60
  • Expect more volatility.
  • Mortgage rates broke a 40-year trend!
  • Utilities are extremely strong right now & cannot be overlooked
  • Commodities, our miners (XME), and precious metals are still strong

This week:

  • Bonds are getting blasted.
  • QQQ is starting to carve out a base but expect more volatility first.
  • Bitcoin is right near $42,000. As we said, the volume profile is the key indicator.
  • Remember, trading one asset class is trading blind.
  • On a serious down day (>2%), we like:
    • GSG, HYG at (5.5% yield), EWZ, QQQ, TGT, WMT, and Bitcoin


Our February chart is still important today

The relative rotation graph. Learn it.

Brazil has the potential for a long-term breakout. Commodity play

GSG: Vol fell off and it is looking tight. Bullish on this still.

Bitcoin @ $42,000

Volume profile



Return always wants its risk payment.

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