This fund manager is putting his money on stocks like Micron to outperform in the second half

Investing Expert Andrew Graham: Tech Stocks To Lead Market Higher

As we move into the second half of the year, the investment landscape is looking bright, with technology stocks poised to continue their upward trajectory. Renowned investor Andrew Graham is confident that the market will be led by the tech sector, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Graham, the founder and managing partner of Jackson Square Capital, a firm managing approximately $500 million in assets, is heavily invested in the tech revolution. He believes that technology stocks like Nvidia and Micron will see continued success, with Micron in particular poised to surprise investors with its earnings power.

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Outside of the tech sector, Graham is also bullish on industrials that are closely related to the AI theme. Companies like Vertiv and Eaton, which specialize in cooling systems for data centers, are among his top picks. Additionally, Graham sees potential in names like Arista, Dell, Coherent, AT&T, Arm Holdings, and Broadcom.

One standout stock in Graham’s portfolio is renewable energy company NextEra Energy, which he believes is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing power demand driven by the reindustrialization of the U.S. With a focus on alternative energy sources, NextEra is likely to attract data centers looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

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In the healthcare sector, Graham has a keen interest in pharmaceutical stocks, particularly Eli Lilly. He sees promise in the company’s stronghold in the GLP-1 market and its foray into Alzheimer’s drug development.

Jackson Square Capital’s actively managed growth and income-generating strategy funds have consistently outperformed their benchmarks, with impressive returns in the first quarter of the year. The growth fund delivered a total return net of fees of 16.27%, surpassing the benchmark’s 7.11% return, while the income-generating strategy returned 7.96% compared to the benchmark’s 6.01%.

Looking ahead, Graham remains optimistic about the prospects for technology, industrials, renewable energy, and healthcare stocks in the current market environment. Investors seeking to capitalize on these trends may find opportunities for growth and income generation in the sectors favored by Graham and Jackson Square Capital. Stay tuned for more insights and investment strategies on Extreme Investor Network.

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