This Could Be A Grinding, Multi-Year Bear Market Like Japan


In my latest podcast, I talked to Mark Spiegel about the state of the Fed, the state of cryptocurrency, politics, and – of course – Tesla.

Like many of my friends/guests, he’s the type of voice that gets little coverage in the mainstream media, which, in my opinion, makes him someone worth listening to twice as closely.

We discussed:

  • the quality and build of Tesla’s and increased competition for Tesla
  • crypto regulation that could be coming down the pipe
  • the state of regulation of markets
  • what is going to happen with equity markets and whether or not the Fed will hold its nerve
  • Cathie Wood’s performance and reliance on Tesla to be a “success”
  • what price Mark will start looking at stocks again and take off more short exposure
  • Joe Biden’s handling of the country’s oil crisis
  • the future of politics and what will happen in the mid-term and next Presidential election
  • whether the country has any hope of finding a political “middle ground”
  • the need for law and order in major U.S. cities
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