These heavily shorted ‘short squeeze’ candidates are facing strong negative sentiment

Are you ready to dive into the world of meme stocks and short squeezes? As the market experiences a new wave of meme frenzy, traders are once again turning their attention to stocks with high levels of short interest. This renewed activity could potentially set the stage for the next big short squeeze play.

Short-selling is a common practice where investors bet against a stock by borrowing shares and selling them with the hope of buying them back at a lower price later on. However, when a stock price unexpectedly surges, those who have shorted the stock are forced to buy back shares to cover their shorts, leading to further increase in stock price – this is known as a short squeeze.

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As the market heats up, it’s important to keep an eye on potential short squeeze candidates. One company that stands out is Solar Energy company SunPower, with a short interest as a percent of float at a staggering 95%. Despite a challenging year for solar stocks, SunPower saw a significant jump in its stock price recently.

Another interesting contender is Maxeon Solar Technologies, with a short interest of about 45%. The company has faced substantial losses this year, but recent announcements have caused a spike in its stock price.

Beyond Meat, a popular vegan meat producer, has also caught the attention of short sellers, with over 41% of its shares sold short. After missing earnings expectations, the company’s stock took a hit, but it remains a potential candidate for a short squeeze.

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Lastly, The Children’s Place, a children’s apparel retailer, is also on the radar with 70% of its floating shares being sold short. Despite facing challenges, the company has seen a significant increase in its stock price this month.

As the market continues to evolve, keeping an eye on potential short squeeze candidates could present unique investment opportunities. Stay tuned to Extreme Investor Network for more insights and analysis on the latest trends in the investing world.

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