The latest meme stocks causing a stir on message boards

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest trends and insights in the world of investing. Today, we’re diving into the resurgence of meme stocks and how the mania is spreading far beyond GameStop and AMC Entertainment.

The red-hot “wallstreetbets” Reddit forum has seen its membership balloon to over 15 million as the trading craze returns to Main Street. The latest frenzy was sparked by a single post on social media site X from “Roaring Kitty,” the man who inspired the epic meme stock mania in 2021.

At Extreme Investor Network, we stay ahead of the curve by utilizing alternative data analytics to uncover the most popular meme stocks among Reddit traders. The WallStreetBets score, based on mentions on the forum, and the fails-to-deliver (FTD) score, which measures trading obligations, are key metrics we use to identify potential opportunities.

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One standout in the rankings is crypto miner Marathon Digital, showing strong performance amidst the meme stock resurgence. Meanwhile, names associated with the artificial intelligence boom, such as SoundHound AI,, and Super Micro Computer, have also gained popularity as meme stocks.

Super Micro Computer, known for its server infrastructure and AI capabilities, recently joined the S&P 500 benchmark after a rapid rally. Other under-the-radar meme stocks making waves include B. Riley Financial, Spirit Airlines, Tilray Brands, and Smart for Life.

At Extreme Investor Network, we provide unique insights and analysis to help you navigate the world of investing. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to maximize your investment potential.

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