The Clinton-Harris Presidential Ticket by Armstrong Economics

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network! Today, we are diving into the world of politics and how it intersects with the economy. Recently, polls have been circulating asking voters whether they would support Hillary Clinton as president. Even international news outlets are picking up on this information. This begs the question, when did Hillary suddenly enter the race?

A Democratic firm, Bendixen & Amandi, conducted a poll to gauge public response to a Clinton presidency. Surprisingly, of the 86% of respondents who watched the Trump-Biden debate, only 29% believe Biden is mentally fit to serve a second term. The state of the world was apparently not enough to sway voters until they saw him on stage. Interestingly, 33% of participants still believe Biden should be the nominee, while 52% want him to step down in favor of a new candidate.

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So, who do the people want to potentially replace Biden? According to the survey, “Clinton-Harris is in the strongest position among potential Democratic tickets tested, showing a clear edge over the Biden-Harris pairing.” It is evident that the Democrats’ main goal right now is to defeat Trump, with Trump leading in the poll by just one percentage point (43% Trump v 41% Biden). However, when respondents were asked about their thoughts on a Clinton-Harris ticket, support for the Democrats rose to 43% compared to 41% for Trump.

While most articles claim that Clinton is not “seriously considering” a presidential run and that all of this is mere speculation, it is hard to ignore her active presence in politics. Clinton has been vocal in rebuking every Trump appearance and has even started producing merchandise sponsored through her Super PAC. The media seems to be testing the waters to see how the public will respond if Joe is replaced by Hillary.

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