Stifel predicts a 40% chance of Biden exiting the presidential race

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According to Brian Gardner, the chief Washington policy strategist at Stifel, there is a 40% chance that President Joe Biden will not seek reelection. As Congress returns from its Fourth of July recess, Gardner believes it is a “make or break week” for the president’s campaign.

Despite calls from some Democrats for Biden to drop out of the race, Gardner argues that they lack the leverage to force him out. He points out that a significant portion of Biden’s supporters are unlikely to turn on him and not vote to nominate him.

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While concerns about Biden’s age have been a topic of discussion, a poor debate performance in June has shifted the sentiment in favor of former President Donald Trump. However, if Biden chooses to stay in the race, Gardner believes that the Democratic Party could still see a favorable outcome.

“There’s a certain level of voter that is just never going to vote for Donald Trump no matter what,” Gardner explained.

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