Shares of Super Micro and Dell Surge After Elon Musk Identifies Them as Suppliers for xAI Supercomputer Project

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest updates and insights in the world of finance. Today, we are excited to share some breaking news involving Elon Musk and a couple of technology companies that have caught the attention of investors.

Shares of Dell Technologies and Super Micro Computer saw a significant jump recently after Elon Musk announced that the two hardware makers will be providing servers to assist his artificial intelligence startup xAI in developing a supercomputer. Musk revealed that Dell is assembling half of the racks for the supercomputer, while Super Micro will also play a role in the project. This news caused both Dell and Super Micro stocks to surge by more than 5%.

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Elon Musk’s vision includes building a $500 million “Dojo” supercomputer in Buffalo, New York, and a water-cooled supercomputer cluster in Austin, Texas. These technologies are expected to help Tesla in developing advanced computer vision and language models required for robots and autonomous vehicles. Musk founded xAI as a competitor to tech giants like Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Alphabet’s Google, showcasing his commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, also shared that his company is working on a “Dell AI factory” in collaboration with Nvidia to support Musk’s AI bot Grok. This partnership highlights the synergy between leading tech companies in driving innovation and creating cutting-edge solutions.

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