Sentiment Timing – Morning Notes 4/21/2022

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Morning Notes: 4/21/2022 by Gary Dean

Futures are flying this morning and it looks like the master planners are going to force the peeps to chase or panic cover before any meaningful dip takes place.

It was not my preferred pattern, but at least we aren’t one of the “this market can’t ever bounce shorts” that are watching all of their gains lost.

Personally, I hate when they do this because we see moves in both directions moving at warp speed, and it doesn’t give anyone a chance to get in or out.

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But that is why we take profits and layer in and out of positions and don’t look for the home run trade.

That will come, but we have time before that happens.   
From Yesterday: I would prefer to wait and see some type of pullback to buy the dip. 4435/4400 would be ideal support levels to start building a long position. The SPX only made it down to 4448 and HOPEFULLY some of you used that to layer in a small long position. I missed it myself and remain a spectator in a cash position.  Most likely we will see that test of 4500/4520, and I do believe sellers will be waiting. High risk, very short term trade would be to look to short that resistance zone and look for a quick 50-75 point spx pullback. I am NOT taking that trade, as I don’t trust the market makers at this time. Many are looking lower and they have a tendency of not moving lower until every bear is forced out. 4455/4440 is the support zone to look to buy, but I don’t want to give a blanket buy in that zone, because if we hit the 4520 resistance with sell signals, I would be forced to look short again. I will go over everything in today premium report.
SPX Hourly Technicals
Stochastics: Overbought-ish
Divergences: No Divergences 
Resistance Pivots: R1-4500 R2-4520 R3-4530
Support Pivots: S1-4460 S2-4451 S3-4440

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