Second Quarter 2024 Earnings Report for Levi (LEVI)

Denim Trend Continues to Rise, but Levi Strauss Faces Challenges

Denim is undeniably having a moment with consumers, as they stock their wardrobes with various denim pieces like dresses, skirts, and baggy pants. However, despite this trend, Levi Strauss recently posted fiscal second-quarter revenue that fell slightly below Wall Street’s expectations. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening with Levi’s in the midst of this denim craze.

While Levi’s revenue didn’t quite meet expectations, the company did exceed earnings forecasts. Direct sales to consumers and cost-cutting efforts contributed to better-than-expected earnings, prompting Levi’s to raise its dividend by 8% – a positive sign for investors.

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For the quarter ending May 26, Levi’s reported adjusted earnings per share of 16 cents, compared to the expected 11 cents. Revenue came in at $1.44 billion, slightly below the anticipated $1.45 billion. The company’s net income for the period was $18 million, a significant improvement from the previous year.

Despite the sales miss, Levi’s is confident in its full-year guidance, which includes factors such as a new distribution and logistics strategy. The company is transitioning to a more third-party reliant distribution network to better serve its growing direct-to-consumer sales.

Direct-to-consumer sales saw an 8% increase during the quarter, accounting for 47% of overall sales. This shift towards a DTC-first approach has been yielding positive results globally, positioning Levi’s for accelerated, profitable growth in the future.

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While this move towards direct sales offers increased profits and valuable consumer data, it also comes with challenges. Levi’s must navigate potential hiccups that may impact sales and profits, as seen with Nike’s experience when shifting to direct sales.

As Levi’s continues to adapt its business model to meet changing consumer preferences and market dynamics, investors will be watching closely to see how the company manages these transitions and drives future growth.

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