Scrutiny over Dave & Buster’s decision to allow betting on arcade games

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, your ultimate source for all the latest news and insights in the world of business and investing. Today, we bring you a fascinating story about arcade chain Dave and Buster’s and their controversial plan to allow customer betting.

Recently, software company Lucra Sports announced a partnership with Dave & Buster’s to enable customers to place wagers on arcade games through the Dave & Buster’s app. While this may sound like a fun addition to the arcade experience, not everyone is on board with the idea.

Illinois State Rep. Daniel Didech, along with bipartisan support from other lawmakers, has filed a bill to prohibit family amusement establishments from facilitating wagering on amusement games. Didech believes that allowing gambling in family-friendly arcades poses risks, such as lack of protections for problem gamblers and exposing younger people to gambling.

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The Ohio gaming control board has also raised concerns about the proposal, citing potential violations of state laws regarding illegal prizes for skill-based amusement machines. Both Lucra Sports and Dave & Buster’s have declined to comment on the opposition.

As the popularity of sports betting continues to grow, companies are exploring new ways to capitalize on the trend. Dave & Buster’s aims to offer customers a fresh form of entertainment while also increasing customer engagement and spending.

While the concept of peer-to-peer betting through the Dave & Buster’s app may not be subject to the same regulations and taxes as traditional sportsbooks, questions remain about consumer protection measures and responsible gaming policies. Experts like Brett Abarbanel from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, stress the importance of implementing safeguards, especially when the target audience includes younger participants.

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