Rosenblatt predicts Apple shares will rise to $260 as it surpasses Android in the AI race

At Extreme Investor Network, we take a deep dive into the world of investing to bring you unique insights and valuable information that sets us apart from the rest. Today, we’re talking about Apple’s potential for success due to its strong commitment to privacy.

According to Rosenblatt, Apple’s emphasis on privacy could give it a significant advantage over its competitors. In fact, the firm recently upgraded Apple to a buy rating and raised its price target to $260 from $196. This upgrade suggests a potential 24% increase in the stock price from its current levels.

While Apple has trailed behind some of its tech peers this year, analyst Barton Crockett believes that the tide could soon turn in Apple’s favor. Citing a U.S. consumer survey that shows strong privacy as the top feature consumers want in artificial intelligence, Crockett points out that Apple’s focus on privacy gives it a competitive edge.

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Apple’s unique approach to AI, which keeps personal information on personal devices and limits non-permissioned information sharing, sets it apart from its competitors. Additionally, this approach provides Apple with some immunity from cost pressures at hyperscalers, further positioning the company for success in the AI space.

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