Right Now, These Two AI Stocks Offer Better Bargain Deals.

When it comes to investing in the AI market, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been a standout performer, with its stock soaring about 150% in the first half of the year. However, there are two other companies that present better bargain buys than Nvidia, offering investors a chance to benefit from the growing demand for AI products and services. Today, at Extreme Investor Network, we’ll take a closer look at these two companies and why they could be great additions to your portfolio.

  1. Intel (NASDAQ: INTC)
    Intel, a longtime leader in the central processing unit market, has recently made a significant push into the AI sector. The company has introduced a new portfolio of AI products, including the Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family and the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator. The latter offers better inference and power efficiency than Nvidia’s H100, at a lower cost.
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Additionally, Intel has opened its chip manufacturing network to other companies, with the goal of becoming the world’s second-largest foundry by 2030. While this may not lead to immediate earnings growth, it could be a major revenue driver in the future.

Trading at 28 times forward earnings estimates, Intel presents a more affordable option than Nvidia, which trades at 47 times earnings. With Intel’s increased focus on AI and potential growth in the sector, the stock could see significant upside as its AI story unfolds.

  1. Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)
    Though Oracle lags behind Amazon in cloud market share, the company has been experiencing rapid growth in its cloud services. Oracle’s cloud revenue surpassed its license support revenue for the first time in the third quarter of the 2024 fiscal year, indicating strong demand for its offerings.
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Customers have been drawn to Oracle’s multi-cloud services, competitive pricing, and a variety of cloud options. The company’s total cloud revenue has been on the rise, with significant growth in the past two quarters. Oracle’s Gen2 AI infrastructure has also been in high demand, leading to revenue growth expectations in the double digits for the full year.

Currently trading at only 23 times forward earnings estimates, Oracle presents an attractive opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the AI market’s growth potential. With a promising growth trajectory and appealing valuation, Oracle could be a top bargain buy in the AI sector.

At Extreme Investor Network, we believe that Intel and Oracle offer compelling opportunities for investors seeking exposure to the AI market. With their unique strengths and growth potential, these companies could deliver significant returns as the demand for AI products and services continues to expand. Stay ahead of the curve and consider adding Intel and Oracle to your investment portfolio for a chance to benefit from the AI revolution.