Recap of Stock Markets: US Tech Stocks Surge, Setting a Positive Tone for Tuesday Asian Session

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we provide unique insights and valuable information for those looking to navigate the stock market and trading world. Today, let’s dive into some key global market influences, Asian economic calendar highlights, and commodities and forex trends that could impact your investment decisions.

Global Market Influences: EU Tariffs, French Politics, and the RBA
While tech stocks like Adobe (ADBE) and NVIDIA (NVDA) have been performing well, there are several headwinds that could impact Asian equity markets. Investor concerns about the snap French general election, EU tariffs on EV exports from China, and uncertainty surrounding the Fed, BoJ, and RBA rate paths are all factors to consider.

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Asian Economic Calendar: The RBA in Focus
The RBA interest rate decision and press conference on June 18 could sway buyer demand for ASX 200-listed stocks. Mixed economic indicators in Australia, particularly in the labor market, could signal a potential 2024 RBA rate cut. Keep an eye on Beijing and Bank of Japan commentary as well, as they could impact trends for the Hang Seng Index and Nikkei Index-listed export stocks.

Commodities and Forex Trends: Crude Oil, Gold, and Iron Ore
Gold spot (XAU/USD) declined on Monday, while WTI crude oil rallied and iron ore spot prices advanced. These commodity price trends will play a role in influencing the ASX 200 ahead of the RBA interest rate decision. Additionally, keep an eye on the USD/JPY pair, as a stronger USD/JPY could boost buyer appetite for Nikkei-listed export stocks.

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