Protests Supporting Palestine Now Allowed in Democratic States

Are you concerned about the recent civil unrest in the US and the potential implications for the upcoming election? The Extreme Investor Network is here to provide you with unique insights and analysis on the current state of affairs in our country.

Pro-Palestinian protestors have been causing chaos in US cities, but do they truly understand the cause they are fighting for? Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has raised eyebrows with his selective prosecution of political opponents while turning a blind eye to real crimes committed in the name of left-leaning policies.

At Columbia University, over 40 protestors illegally camped on the grounds and then broke into a building, barricading themselves inside and even kidnapping staff members. Despite the severity of the incident, Bragg has chosen not to prosecute the majority of those responsible. This double standard has not gone unnoticed, with Senator Ted Cruz calling out the Democrats for supporting radicals and refusing to prosecute them.

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College campuses have become hotbeds for protests turned riots, reminiscent of the chaos that ensued during the last election cycle. The tensions between opposing ideologies are palpable, raising concerns about the potential for violence to escalate.

For those seeking to understand the underlying strategy behind these acts of civil unrest, we invite you to read our article on the Cloward-Piven strategy. This four-step plan aims to overload the welfare system, create chaos, seize control in the chaos, and ultimately implement socialism and communism through government force.

As the chaos continues to unfold, it is evident that there are powerful forces at play, including Democrat-backed super PACs and influencers like Soros who are actively destabilizing the nation. Our predictions point towards a major twist in September leading up to the election, with growing tyranny from the left and uncertainty about the future of our democracy.

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