Outdoor Space that Prioritizes LGBTQ+ and People of Color’s Inclusion

Empowering Communities Through Outdoor Activities

At Extreme Investor Network, we believe in the power of inclusive outdoor activities to empower individuals and foster a sense of community. Today, we want to highlight the incredible work being done by organizations like the Hoods to Woods Foundation, based in New York and New Jersey, that are making a difference in the lives of underserved youth through snowboarding.

Imagine being a teenager from an urban environment and having the opportunity to experience the thrill of snowboarding down the slopes at Big Snow American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey. For 16-year-old Zyshawn Gibson, this experience was not only exhilarating but also a welcome change of scenery from the challenges of everyday life.

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The Hoods to Woods Foundation, founded by Omar Diaz and Brian Paupaw, is dedicated to providing new opportunities for teenagers and young adults who come from similar backgrounds. Through their programs, they have helped hundreds of youth like Gibson discover a new interest and outlet through snowboarding. What sets Hoods to Woods apart is its commitment to breaking down barriers that have historically excluded people of color from participating in winter sports.

According to a study by Snowsports Industries America, white Americans accounted for 67.5% of winter sports participants, while Black individuals made up only 9.2%. This lack of representation can be attributed to the high barrier to entry for these sports due to the associated expenses. Hoods to Woods addresses this issue by providing free programs that include snowboarding lessons, transportation, and meals for its youth participants.

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But Hoods to Woods is not alone in its mission. Organizations like Edge Outdoors in Washington state and Unlikely Riders in Vermont are also working towards increasing diversity and inclusivity in outdoor activities. These nonprofits are creating spaces where people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals feel welcomed and empowered to explore the outdoors.

At Extreme Investor Network, we are inspired by the dedication of these organizations to curate communities in the outdoors and provide mentorship opportunities to their participants. We believe that by supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in outdoor activities, we can create a more equitable and enriching environment for all.

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Join us in celebrating the transformative impact of organizations like Hoods to Woods and their efforts to empower communities through outdoor activities. Together, we can build a more inclusive and vibrant outdoor recreation landscape for everyone to enjoy.

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