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On September 10, 2018, a tiny Cambridge biotech firm won a patent on a new kind of genetic software that can “Cut & Paste” any disease from your body.

This revolutionary new kind of treatment will not just change medicine –

It has the potential to eliminate genetic diseases from our species.

If that sounds like science fiction, consider this –

  • The Nobel Prize Committee is calling it “The Holy Grail of Medicine”
  • The Wall Street Journal reports the company is “transforming medicine.”
  • 60 Minutes reports the company is “revolutionizing the search for new drugs.”

And the biggest drug companies have rushed to invest over $1 billion in the past year alone –

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Juno Pharma invested $700 million.

Glaxo SmithKline invested $350 million.

Johnson and Johnson invested $292 million.

That’s on top of the $120 million Bill Gates and Google Ventures already invested into this.

The list goes on and on…

Never before has so much money been invested in a new treatment so quickly.

And because of that, it’s going to create more millionaires than any other single breakthrough in history. More than the internet, more than computers, more than cars.

Investor’s Business Daily estimates the market is worth at least $75 billion dollars.

But right now, its stock price is just a tiny fraction of that size.

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Our research proves that anyone who gets in today could make 46,751%!

That’s if the company doesn’t get taken over for fast 300% gains first.

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