‘Once Human’ and More Games Now Available on GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming Platform

At Extreme Investor Network, we are thrilled to share the latest updates from the world of gaming and technology. Recently, GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, announced the addition of three new launch day titles to its platform. One of the highlights is the highly anticipated survival game ‘Once Human’ from Starry Studio, which has been causing buzz among gamers.

In ‘Once Human,’ players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic energy has transformed humanity. As Meta-Humans, players must navigate a strange and hostile open-world environment, surviving contamination and harnessing the powers of Stardust. The game offers a unique blend of survival, crafting, and combat elements, challenging players to gather resources, build shelters, and defend themselves against humans and monsters.

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Moreover, ‘Once Human’ features a rich lore with various characters and artifacts scattered throughout the world, allowing players to uncover the mysteries of Stardust. Whether playing solo or with a squad, gamers can explore, build, and fight their way through this cosmic adventure. GeForce NOW’s Ultimate and Priority memberships enhance the gaming experience by enabling players to stream ‘Once Human’ at higher resolutions and frame rates, with extended gaming sessions.

In addition to ‘Once Human,’ GeForce NOW has also introduced two other exciting titles this week:

– ‘Cricket 24’: This cricket game, available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, offers a comprehensive cricket experience with official teams, tournaments, and various gameplay modes.
– ‘Anger Foot’: Released on Steam, this game from Devolver Digital lets players unleash deadly feet on a cast of anthropomorphic enemies, offering a fun and absurd gaming experience with unique powers and upgrades.

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With these new additions, GeForce NOW continues to expand its library, providing members with fresh and engaging gaming experiences each week. The platform’s diverse range of offerings cements its position as a leading cloud gaming service, catering to a wide variety of gaming preferences.

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