OKX X Layer Announces Discontinuation of Swap Product

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OKX X Layer to Discontinue Swap Product

OKX X Layer to Discontinue Its Swap Product

In a recent update, OKX X Layer has announced the discontinuation of its Swap product, which will come into effect on May 30, 2024. The X Layer Swap features, including trading, adding liquidity, and removing liquidity, will be gradually phased out.

Following the discontinuation, functionalities like exchanging, removing liquidity, and accessing transaction history within the Swap product will no longer be available. Users are strongly advised to withdraw any existing liquidity via X Layer Swap before the specified date.

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What Does This Mean for Users?

Users need to take action and remove liquidity before the discontinuation date to prevent any potential loss. Failure to withdraw liquidity within the given timeframe may result in the forfeiture of corresponding equity.

Despite this change, OKX X Layer welcomes more community DEX deployments to enhance the X Layer ecosystem continuously.

Insights from OKX

The announcement was made by the OKX team on May 14, 2024. As a leading crypto platform, OKX reassures its users of their unwavering commitment to delivering secure and efficient services.

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