NASA is still confident Starliner will bring astronauts back from ISS

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, your go-to source for all things business news with a unique twist. Today, we’re diving into the latest updates from NASA regarding the potential return of astronauts aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft.

As NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams continue their extended stay at the International Space Station, agency leaders are considering alternative options for their safe return to Earth. While Boeing’s Starliner remains the primary choice, contingency plans involving SpaceX’s Crew Dragon are also being explored.

Currently, the Starliner capsule named “Calypso” is on track to return by the end of the month, pending successful testing of a faulty propulsion system. This mission marks the first time Starliner is carrying crew members, making it a milestone for NASA and Boeing.

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Steve Stich, NASA’s Commercial Crew manager, emphasized the preference for returning astronauts on Starliner but acknowledged the need for backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. Testing of Starliner’s thruster technology in White Sands, New Mexico is underway to address the issues that occurred during the spacecraft’s docking maneuver at the ISS.

Despite challenges faced during testing, both Wilmore and Williams expressed confidence in returning on Starliner. The spacecraft, once viewed as a competitor to SpaceX’s Dragon, has encountered setbacks that have shifted its position to a secondary role for NASA. However, the successful completion of the crew flight test will pave the way for operational missions as early as February.

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