Market Discussion – July 3, 2024

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we provide unique insights into the world of economics and finance. Today, let’s take a look at the latest market movements in Asia, Europe, and the Americas to help you make informed investment decisions.


  • NIKKEI 225 saw an increase of 1.26% to 40,580.76
  • Hang Seng rose by 1.18% to 17,978.57
  • Gold prices went up by 1.21% to 2,358.36


  • CAC 40 in Europe increased by 1.24% to 7,632.08
  • EURUSD increased by 0.33% to 1.07834
  • UK Gilts decreased by 7.56 bps to 4.176%


  • S&P 500 advanced by 0.51% to 18,188.3
  • TSX Composite in Canada saw an increase of 1.23% to 22,223.67
  • Crude Oil prices increased by 0.51% to 83.233
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In the energy sector, top commodity gainers were Silver, Zinc, Nickel, and Copper, while Wheat, Milk, Corn, and Orange Juice were among the top commodity losers.

When considering bond market movements, Japan’s yield increased by 1.02 bps, while US 10-year yields declined by 6.37 bps to 4.364%.

Stay tuned to Extreme Investor Network for more insightful updates on global markets and investment opportunities. Make sure you are well-informed to make the best financial decisions for your portfolio.

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