Listen-to-Earn: A New Way for Podcasters and Listeners to Earn Bitcoin

The podcasting industry is getting a new revenue model, thanks to a partnership between mobile payment firm ZEBEDEE and “listen-to-earn” podcast platform Fountain.

The partnership aims to give listeners and podcasters the ability to earn Bitcoin using the app. ZEBEDEE, a Bitcoin-centric gaming firm, recently launched two new play-to-earn games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, a digital scratch-card game with mobile game studio Viker.

The listen-to-earn model, launched by Fountain in June 2022, creates a direct link between podcasters and their audience and allows listeners to earn Bitcoin for every minute they tune in. Instead of an expensive and sweeping ad campaign, the listen-to-earn model aims to only spend money on listeners who actually want to listen.

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The program allows listeners and podcasters to get rewarded for the value they provide. Fountain users will earn money for their first hour of daily podcast listening.

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