LBMA Price ‘Fix’ Rocks the Gold Market.

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire reveals a glaring LBMA price fix is wreaking havoc on the gold market, after a tidal wave of global physical demand. 

The precious metals expert speaks on Russia’s action to strengthen the Ruble with physical backing and whether increasing demand will be the hair-trigger for a global gold price reset.


00:00 Start

01:47 A technical market review of April

06:27 The real war on gold – the bigger picture

09:01 LBMA fix price – exposed after global physical demand

17:11 Will the commoditization of the Ruble be bearish for gold & silver?

23:10 The illusion of silver fixed price and the paper algorithm

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28:19 Casino COT report – no surprises there

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