Is the Japanese Yen on Track to Reach 397 by 2032?

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we provide unique insights and analysis on the world of economics and investing. Today, we are diving into a fascinating question that has resurfaced from the past regarding the Japanese Yen.

One of our readers recalled a monumental trade made by the legendary Mr. Yen, also known as Marty, back in 1998. This trade involved selling $1 billion at 14700 on an MIT order, leading to a significant decline in the dollar for the next 11 years. Marty’s prediction of 147 as the Yearly Bullish Reversal proved to be spot on, and now in 2024, we have seen the Yen blow through that level once again.

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The reader inquired about the validity of Marty’s forecasts from back then, given the recent price action that has seen the Yen hit 161. Marty’s reply sheds light on the historical context of that trade during the liquidity crisis with the collapse of Russia. He points to the primary resistance level at 210-212 and stresses the importance of closing above the Yearly Bullish Reversal at 147 in 2024.

Looking ahead, Marty outlines potential resistance levels between 246 and 260 once the 262 level is surpassed. He hints at a looming war on the horizon and projects targets of 363 and 397 by the year 2032.

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With Marty’s expert analysis and historical perspective, it is clear that the Japanese Yen remains a key currency to watch in the coming years. Stay tuned to Extreme Investor Network for more exclusive insights and expert commentary on the latest developments in the world of economics and investing.

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