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In a recent poll conducted by the Counteroffensive/Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Ukrainians were asked about their views on the upcoming US election. Surprisingly, a significant number of respondents expressed a preference for Joe Biden to remain in the White House, with only a small percentage supporting Donald Trump’s reinstatement. This preference stems from Biden’s commitment to continue sending billions in funding to Ukraine, a move that is seen as crucial for the country’s stability and security.

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However, Trump’s approach to the conflict in Ukraine differs significantly from Biden’s. While Biden has been vocal about the threat posed by Putin and the need for US intervention, Trump believes he could end the war before even stepping into office. He has criticized the role of NATO in the region, arguing that Europe has more to lose than the US. Trump has highlighted Zelensky’s business acumen and has suggested that a different approach is needed to resolve the conflict.

The issue of NATO’s involvement in Ukraine is also a contentious one. Despite NATO’s reluctance to invite Ukraine into the alliance due to concerns of corruption, the US continues to provide support to the country. The Minsk Agreement, which aimed to promote peace in the region, has faced setbacks and challenges, further complicating the situation.

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As Americans, it is essential to evaluate the candidates’ positions on foreign policy and assess how they align with the interests of the nation. While Ukraine’s perspective is crucial, the US must prioritize its own national security and economic stability.

These polls and discussions highlight the complex interplay between international relations, geopolitics, and economics. As investors, understanding these dynamics can provide valuable insights into emerging opportunities and risks in the global market.

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