Initial Claims Fall and Durable Goods Orders Rise, causing Q1 GDP to Slow to 1.4%

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Unemployment Claims

The latest data on unemployment claims for the week ending June 22 is in, and the numbers are telling. While initial claims fell to 233,000, indicating a slight improvement, the 4-week moving average rose, pointing to a gradual increase in jobless claims. The rise in insured unemployment further highlights weaknesses in the labor market. This bearish outlook signals potential challenges ahead for employment stability.

Durable Goods Orders

In May 2024, durable goods orders showed growth for the fourth consecutive month, largely driven by a 0.6% increase in transportation equipment. This sector’s performance has been crucial in offsetting declines in other areas, demonstrating sustained demand. The positive report exceeds expectations and indicates economic resilience in manufacturing.

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The consistent rise in durable goods orders, especially in transportation equipment, suggests ongoing industrial demand and economic strength. The outlook is bullish, with the potential for sustained economic growth in manufacturing.


The mixed economic data from Q1 2024 highlights both strengths and weaknesses in the market. While there are challenges with slowing GDP growth and potential labor market issues, the resilience in durable goods orders points to opportunities for traders. Stay cautious but keep an eye out for potential investment opportunities, especially in the durable goods sector.

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