Hedge Funds Increase Investment in Nvidia, Reduce Holdings in AMD

At Extreme Investor Network, we keep a pulse on the ever-evolving trends in hedge fund investments, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence and technology. As we dive into the analysis of the first quarter of the year, it’s evident that hedge funds are doubling down on the big players in AI, driving the surge in the US stock market.

One standout player in this arena is Nvidia Corp., which saw a significant increase in exposure, making it the top performer in terms of market value growth. Despite some hedge funds selling off shares, the overall sentiment towards AI giants like Amazon.com Inc, Meta Platforms Inc., and Microsoft Corp. remains positive.

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Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. also made waves by revealing a stake in insurer Chubb Ltd., leading to a notable rise in Chubb’s premarket trading. On the other hand, fund managers made strategic moves by trimming holdings in companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Snap Inc., and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

As the Federal Reserve’s policies on interest rate cuts continue to influence market dynamics, hedge funds are fine-tuning their portfolios to capitalize on the bullish trends. With the S&P 500 hitting record highs and the Nasdaq 100 Index making substantial gains, it’s no surprise that tech stocks dominate the investors’ portfolios.

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In our exclusive analysis of 13F filings by 1,124 hedge funds, we observed a notable shift towards technology and consumer discretionary sectors. Tiger Global Management LLC increased its stake in Alphabet Inc., while Renaissance Technologies LLC made strategic moves in financial and communication sectors. Two Sigma Advisers LP diversified its portfolio by adding Walmart Inc. and increasing exposure to healthcare stocks.

Michael Burry’s Scion Asset Management LLC, famous for predicting the 2008 housing market crash, made some interesting exits and adjustments in its holdings. Berkshire Hathaway made headlines by reducing its position in Apple Inc. while still holding a significant stake in the company.

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