GlobalFoundries is increasing hiring as demand for semiconductor chips rises

Are you interested in the latest developments in the semiconductor industry and how they’re impacting the workforce? As the competition for talent in the chip sector heats up, companies like GlobalFoundries are on the lookout for skilled workers to fuel their production and expansion.

With the semiconductor industry expecting a shortage of 67,000 technicians, computer scientists, and engineers by 2030 in the U.S., companies are feeling the pressure to attract top talent. GlobalFoundries, the third-largest chipmaker globally, has been taking proactive steps to recruit candidates from various backgrounds, including veterans, women in construction, and even launching the sector’s first registered apprenticeship program.

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The program offers full-time paid apprenticeships with training at no cost and has already seen 50 apprentices complete the program. This initiative aims to fill hundreds of roles worldwide, with Chief People Officer Pradheepa Raman emphasizing the importance of workforce development to meet the rising demand in the semiconductor industry.

Furthermore, GlobalFoundries is not only focusing on recruiting new talent but also investing in the growth and advancement of existing employees. Workers like Morgan Woods have been able to take advantage of benefits such as a tax-free lifetime total of $28,500 toward student debt, helping them achieve personal goals like homeownership and family expansion.

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With funding from initiatives like the CHIPS and Science Act, GlobalFoundries is set to expand its manufacturing capacity, creating thousands of new jobs in manufacturing and construction. The company’s commitment to workforce development and providing a supportive work environment is key to overcoming recruitment challenges in the industry.

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